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Friday, April 21, 2006

Welcome to the 1kindthing Blog...

Blogging is a great way to share information, and find out who is visiting the same sites you are. Have fun, keep it clean and remember, 1kindthing is dedicated to acts of kindness.
Deborah Coss


Blogger scotty1111 said...

Deborah Thank You... for your
"Act of Kindness".I saw the story last night regarding Cynthia and Jennifer, on TV.
I am glad that Justice and Peace for Cynthia and Jennifer has finally come.
Justice began with the tip from Shultzs girlfriend.let us not forget that,and bring praise to her for doing the right thing.
We must also remember the Fireman that saw something suspicious.Their is always a bit of pompous attitude from Police to Firemen.I do not know a lot about the cases but woke up and it caught my concern.
I too know a Cynthia and Jennifer both seem to be very similar in personalities.I appreciate that you have carried the flag of honouring your friend Jennifer, by making this website.I feel this website could be improved a little :) though to bring more people like myself that appreciate what you Deborah have done.Thank You
Sincerely C. Scott

12:33 AM  

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